Dex’s Laboratory:
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magic potions

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One Lonely Ginger

One lonely ginger tried to learn french over night, but he efd up and now he speaks only about eggs and cheese.


Fighting for Power

In a world where nobody understands him and his brilliant mind.
Dexter is the first ginger we ever fell in love with, he is the origi-
nal developer of evil deeds.

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cartoon face
cartoon dexter


"the genius"

Dexter is an extremely
intelligent boy (a self de-
scribed "Boy Genius") who
has been creating fantastic
inventions since he was a
baby. He considers Albert


cartoon dexter

Dee Dee

"the sister"

Dee Dee is Dexter's ex-
tremely ditzy, sim-
ple-minded, energetic, hy-
peractive older sister, who
inexplicably makes
"squishy" sounds with her


cartoon dexter


"the rival"

Dexter's arch-nemesis. Ap-
proximately equal in intel-
ligence to Dexter, he too
possesses his own labora-
tory, which has a very
black-and-red color


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